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Pettibon System represents proven spine and posture correction. Yet our decades of results, peer-reviewed scientific papers, and a growing network of Pettibon-certified practitioners can't convey how the Pettibon experience makes patients feel.

Ten years after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, Linda McKenzie of Seattle, Washington, could no longer work. "By the time I quit working, I hurt all the time. It took me forever to get out of bed and the rest of my day was a struggle to do anything, starting with brushing my teeth. I had the life quality of a blob." She continued in this painful limbo for years. When Linda began the Pettibon System, she had little hope.

Linda's pre-treatment x-rays showed scoliosis. Three weeks after starting the Pettibon System, she had her first complete night of sleep in eighteen years. A year later, Linda was shopping, cleaning, and cooking. "I treasure being able to do these mundane activities," says Linda. "The Pettibon System has given me back my life."


What The Doctors are Saying

"When you’re ready to serve your existing patients better and attract patients who you never dreamed you could help… learn Pettibon – do it – love it!" —Robert Lee Birk, D.C., Wichita Falls, TX
"If you ever felt you are missing something in your practice or schooling and you need to learn more, Pettibon IS the answer.  The combination of posture and neurology in Pettibon is just amazing." —Kenny Chan, D.C., Vancouver, BC
"Before Pettibon I was just like every other “back cracker”; but now my community sees me as a neuromuscular skeletal specialist.  I love being a trusted advisor and sought after doctor.  Patients come to me for answers not just symptom relief." —Davis Lindsay, D.C., Terrace, BC
"Pettibon has now moved light-years ahead of the curve.  Combining neurology, nutrition, and endocrine function with structure enables me to be a complete physician.  No more “spine mechanic” for me. I can offer long-term results with certainty to the “toughest” cases." —Christian Cohen, D.C., Gig Harbor, WA
"This is what I have been searching for my entire career!  If you have ever been frustrated by the lack of results or the inability of your treatments to last, then this is the place for you.  Finally, there is a system that is specific, individualized and will allow you to get the results that you are looking for – and they will last.  You will not need to worry about marketing; your results will speak for themselves." —Jackie Rogers, D.C., Nepean, ON
"I have been doing corrective work for 10+ years.  By learning these NEW components; i.e. the neurological and metabolic testing, I truly believe I can do the BEST job I am capable of!  To help others is why we became doctors, why not be the BEST that you can be!"  —Scot A. Sorum, D.C., Bellevue, WA

"After attending the Pettibon seminar I came away with a greater understanding of how neurology affects outcome.  There are too many of us (Chiropractors) that ignore some VERY basic and simple cues from the cerebellum and cortex.  If we but listen and pay attention to these subtle clues then we can turn on the brain’s full potential.  This expression of better energy allows for a better healing.  This Pettibon seminar will give you the tools to understand this process and make you a more capable physician."  —Matt Peterson, D.C., Tooele, UT

"I have been a chiropractor and reverent follower of Burl Pettibon over thirty years. His quest for the truth and willingness to challenge the status quo has thankfully brought us into the next generation of chiropractic knowledge and practice." —Paul Bacon, D.C., Portsmouth, New Hampshire

"I've been a chiropractor for more than 16 years but after three months of treating a functionally-disabled family member using diversified chiropractic with limited results, I knew it was time for a change. I reached out to a colleague who had started using The Pettibon System. He diagnosed the problem as being cervical in nature, which was contrary to what I had thought. It took less than three weeks for a 50% improvement. Now as a Pettibon practitioner, I'm getting the same results for my patients." —Shelia Homer, D.C., Long Beach, California

"With The Pettibon System, I'm treating patients with the certainty of real change as opposed to symptom relief. My years of feeling like a technician are over. It's challenging and fun." —Mark Shelley, D.C., Edmonds, Washington

"For me, the bottom line is truly producing what you're offering. The Pettibon System allows me to ethically deliver care. Patients 'get it!' Our practice is 99% referral. No more wasted weekends doing spinal screenings!" —Kevin Polzin, D.C., Mill Creek, Washington

"Retention is no longer a problem. I may not be patients' first chiropractor but I'm definitely their last!" —Scott Mindel, D.C., Seattle, Washington

"Patients know how long their correction-rehabilitative care will take and how much it will cost, making my pre-pays extraordinary!" —Alexander Concepcion, D.C., Kailua, Hawaii

"The Pettibon System has enabled me to build my practice through medical referrals. My clinic has a great working relationship with several area neurosurgeons, neurologists, OB/GYNs, and physiatrists." —Mark Morningstar, D.C., Grand Blanc, Michigan


"With a degree in Chinese medicine, my care includes acupuncture and patented herbals. I also work with the neuro-emotional aspects of stress. The Pettibon System covers the physical stress components of the nerve system so magnificently. It's now become the foundation for my practice."

—Kerry L. Dillberg, D.C., Koloa, Hawaii


" 'Traditional' chiropractic helped somewhat but the changes—actual structural changes—with The Pettibon System have been amazing. Unlike what I had been taught, The Pettibon System is showing us that scoliosis CAN change in adulthood. Everyone associated with The Pettibon System has been top notch and truly invested in my success. Many thanks to all of you!" —Patty Long, D.C., Meridianville, Alabama

"The Pettibon system made me into a doctor that changes lives not just spines.  My patients love seeing their corrected spine on x-ray not just symptomatic relief.  My referrals have increased exponenetially because of the satisfaction in patient care." —Candice McCowin, D.C., Costa Mesa, California


What The Patients are Saying

"I've had scoliosis my entire life.  The next step for me before starting care with Dr. Patty Long was to have my spine sawed in half and rods inserted. At the age of 10, I was diagnosed with scoliosis and fitted in a Milwaukee brace. I wore the brace for 3 years. A family friend talked with us about chiropractic care and I soon started seeing a chiropractor. The brace came off and I have been seeing a chiropractor for the last 27 years. My pain was never eased for any length of time.
When I was out-of-work for a week because my pain was getting worse, my boss recommended I see Patty. He told me she was using a new treatment called The Pettibon System. My pain started decreasing after only one week of care and my breathing was easier. Now I can sleep through the night and my clothes are starting to fit. My x-rays show that the scoliosis has decreased by 16 degrees. I know that my healing process has a long way to go but considering the alternative I faced, it's worth it.
Patty took me with her when she and her staff went to Gig Harbor for Spinal Technician/Team Training. I got to thank Dr. Pettibon in person!" —Hope Black, Meridianville, AL


"I was rear-ended in a car accident. For a year and one-half, despite physical and massage therapy and adjustments, I still wasn't a whole lot better. We have five horses and I couldn't do anything with them. Even brushing them was too painful. Then doc (Michael Milasich) started me on The Pettibon System. I got back to a normal functioning life, including aerobics."

—Susie Glaser, Tacoma, Washington


"I met Mike (Michael Milasich) when I was sixteen. I was driving with my grandfather who had an appointment with Mike. We got into an accident and Mike ended up treating me for whiplash. Now I'm 29 and two months ago, I slipped two discs. I couldn't even walk. Mike got me on The Pettibon System and I recovered in two months. Now I'm back to work." —Jeremy Bucholtz, Tacoma, Washington

"I have sent many patients to chiropractors over the years with mixed results. That's not been the case with Dr. Ian Horseman. With The Pettibon System, he's getting results with many of my toughest patients. The Pettibon System is the best approach I've seen for spine and posture rehabilitation. Hands down!" —Ron Van Hoof, MD, Peterborough, Ontario

"I'm what you'd call a weekend warrior, pushing my body to the extreme whether it's running or basketball. The credit for my ability to live such an active life goes to Dr. Horseman and The Pettibon System. I don't feel the wear and tear on my body because it has been strengthened and the curves in my neck and low back have been restored. I hope to continue this active lifestyle for many years to come." —Steve Masters, Peterborough, Ontario

"Before starting The Pettibon System, I couldn't sit in a car for an extended period of time. After just six months, my golf game has improved, I can garden for hours, and sitting in a car is no problem. My wife and I are driving the 900 miles to the East coast next week. Thank you!" —Frank Lawless, Peterborough, Ontario

Seeing the pre and post x-rays was extremely powerful for me. I had years of seeing various chiropractors, massage therapists, and reflexologists, but only The Pettibon System changed my spine and corrected my problem. And I take great pride in the work I've done as a patient. The doctor and I are a team. As a result, I tell everybody: not all chiropractic is equal." —Sandra Anderson, Bob Caygeon, Ontario

"I've been seeing Dr. Horseman to not only restore the curve in my low back and neck, but to increase my core strength and flexibility. The Pettibon System is the only chiropractic care that really works. My coach has seen a 75 % improvement in my ability since I started plus I feel great." —Lauren Ramey, formerly with Canadian National Ski Academy, Peterborough, Ontario

"I think The Pettibon System's concept of patient responsibility is something all health care models should adopt, focusing on change and correction, not just relief. Maintaining my exercises, wearing my headweight, and keeping appointments on a regular basis have made a huge impact in how successful I've been with the treatment plan." —Gord Birkens, Peterborough, Ontario