The Wobble Chair

Are you experiencing back stiffness or soreness? Find out how the Wobble Chair can help you. This video explores the uses and benefits of the practitioner trusted Therapeutic Wobble Chair.

Putting Together your Wobble Chair

This step by step guide demonstrates how to assemble your Therapeutic Wobble Chair. The perfect aid to make sure you put your chair together correctly from start to finish.

Full Size Therapeutic Wobble Chair Warm-Ups

Here are the 6 recommended warm-ups for the Pettibon System Therapeutic Wobble Chair. Follow along to learn the proper technique and get started wobbling!

How to install the Wobble Chair Assembly Kit

Here is a step by step guide on how to upgrade your chair with a Wobble Chair Assembly Kit. Follow along to get your chair working like new again!

Portable Wobble Chair Warm-Ups

Learn how to warm up with your Portable Wobble Chair. This video provides step by step instruction on how to get started with your Portable Wobble Chair from the proper set-up to the proper form for your 6 warm up exercises.

The Cervical Traction Unit

Find out what the Cervical Traction Unit can do for you! Explore the many benefits of this device, including restoring neck mobility and relieving pain.

Getting started with your Cervical Traction Unit

Learn how to set up and use your Cervical Traction Unit. Whether you have the regular or TMJ version this video has got you covered. You will also learn about the Traction accessories available for purchase to customize your experience to meet your needs.

Introduction to the Door Block

Learn about the newest Cervical Traction Accessory; The Door Block. This video will walk you through how the Door Block works as well as show you how to connect it to your Cervical Traction Unit.

Intro to the Fulcrum Kit

Introducing the components included in the Pettibon System's Uncovered Fulcrum Rehab Kit.

Intro To Fulcrums and Foam

Discover the options available in The Pettibon System's Fulcrum and Foam Category to meet your spinal support needs.

The Pettibon Fulcrums

Ready for posture correction? This video explores the benefits of spinal molding and fulcrum exercises utilizing our wide range of fulcrums and foam.

Spinal Molding Intro

Spinal molding explained from beginner to advanced. Whether this is your first time spinal molding or you just need a refresher, this video walks you through the process of utilizing our fulcrums for spinal molding.

6-Way Stretch

Learn how to stretch all of those hard to reach tight spots with your 6-Way Stretch Strap!

MDT Manual

11-page guide to getting started with the Multiple Digital Toggle for clinical use.

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PTLMS Manual

11-page manual to train doctors and staff on proper use of the Pettibon Ligament Muscle Stimulator for clinical use.

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Pettibon Full Spine Weighting System

A 37-page book detailing everything from Diagnosis and Application of the Weighting System.

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Negative Z Manual

A 5-page manual to get you familiar with your Negative Z Instrument.

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Pettibon X-Ray Procedures Manual

8-page manual detailing the Pettibon X-Ray Technique and utilizing the Pettibon X-ray Chair, Headclamps and Goggles.

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Wobble Chair Warmups and Exercises

3-page guide detailing how to warm up and exercise with your wobble chair, portable or full sized.

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11x17 in. Clinic Posters for 6- Way Cervical Dorsal Stretch Strap

Do you have 6- Way Cervical Dorsal Stretch Straps in your clinic? Print out our 6- Way Cervical Dorsal Stretch Strap for your Patients. PRINT ON SIZE: 11x17 in. (Ledger) paper.

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11x17 in. Clinic Posters for Wobble Chair Exercises

Do you have Wobble Chairs in your clinic? Print out our Wobble Chair Exercises for your Patients. PRINT ON SIZE: 11x17 in. (Ledger) paper.

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11x17 in. Clinic Poster for Cervical Traction Exercises

Do you have Traction Units in your clinic? Print out these exercises for your patients to ensure proper use of equipment. PRINT ON SIZE: 11x17 in. (Ledger) paper.

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Trifold for patient info. Print on 8.5x11 in. paper and fold.

Are your patients asking for more info on the Pettibon System? This printable trifold brochure is the perfect introduction for your patients.

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