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Browse our selection of How-To Videos and Clinical and Printable guides to learn how to assemble equipment, or introductions to using the Pettibon System’s fulcrums, wobble chairs, cervical traction devices and other products. Visit our Testimonials section to learn more about how the Pettibon System improves overall health by emphasizing whole care that includes spine and posture correction and muscular development.

Intro to Fulcrums

Intro to the Wobble Chair

Intro To Cervical Traction Unit

Putting Together your Wobble Chair

Wobble Chair Exercise Intro

Wobble Chair Exercise 1

Wobble Chair Exercise 2

Wobble Chair Exercise 3

Wobble Chair Exercise 4

Wobble Chair Exercise 5

Wobble Chair Exercise 6

Thoracic Roll

Spinal Molding Intro

Cervical Traction at Home

6 Way Stretch

Cervical traction homecare set up with door stop