Deluxe Home Care Kit - Regular

This kit includes the home care rehabilitation equipment including the Regular Cervical Traction. It includes what many patients go home with when beginning spinal rehabilitation and includes:

A Portable Wobble Chair (PORT), Cervical Traction (CT), Uncovered Fulcrum Rehab Kit (UFRK), 6-Way Stretch Strap (6WAY), Thoracic Exercise Roll (TROLL), Adjustable Headweight Harness (AHW), Shoulderweight Harness (SHW), Hipweight Harness (HW), four One-lb Weight Bars (1LB), eight Two-lb Weight Bars (2LB) and instruction booklet.

Additional items may be prescribed.

For more information, including downloadable PDF’s, on the rehab equipment found in this kit: Click HERE

(US Patents: 6,481,795 B1; 6,517,506 B1; 6,788,968 B2)

Size: 21.00ins(L), 21.00ins(W), 21.00ins(H) Assembly Required?
Weight: 33 lb. Related/Replacement Parts: