Therapeutic Wobble Chair

The Therapeutic (Wobble) Chair is a patented, height adjustable (approx. 20-24" from floor) with a specially-designed seat. The seat provides 360° of rotation, 40° of side to side flexion and 35° of front to back flexion on a universal type joint to facilitate all possible combinations of exercise motion needed for lumbar disc mobility, re-hydration, nutrition delivery, and waste elimination.

The Wobble Chair is a great tool to bring when speaking at golf clubs, health and fitness shows and school sports programs! Everyone LOVES the Therapeutic (Wobble) Chair!

Designed for home, office, school and clinic rehabilitation use.

Standard Color is Black.
Paperwork and Posters sold separately.

For more information on Wobble Chair exercises: Click HERE

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Prefer watching a video?

We also have an on-demand webinar presented by Dr Christian Cohen, DC. In it, you will learn the Who, What, Where, When and How about the chair including billing suggestions. Check out: Wobble Chair Webinar (On-Demand)

For a quick preview of what's in the webinar, check out this downloadable PDF on the Therapeutic Wobble Chair™.

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YouTube Wobble Chair Exercises: CLICK HERE
YouTube Assembly video: CLICK HERE

Size: 29.00ins(L), 26.00ins(W), 24.00ins(H) Assembly Required? Yes
Weight: 30 lb. Related/Replacement Parts: