Vibration Platform

This quiet multi-use vibration platform is designed for patients standing with the Pettibon Weights and with a Therapeutic Chair securely placed on the top. The Pettibon Vibrating Platform includes a calf stretcher and is useful in clinical rehabilitation prior to working out on the Linked Trainer or while wearing your Pettibon Weighting System. (Oscillating vibration direction)

For those suffering from recurrent leg and back problems, it is also a powerful tool when used in conjunction with the seated warm-up procedures on the Therapeutic Wobble Chair.

The Pettibon Vibration Platform has also proven beneficial for home care rehabilitation when used before sleep and after rising for those suffering from sore, stiff muscles and joints, chronic back and leg pain, and/or jumpy and nervous leg problems during sleep. Extremely beneficial to all athletes under your care to prevent and eliminate injury.

**Always use a surge protector with electronic equipment**

Therapeutic Wobble Chair sold separately

Size: 27.00ins(L), 26.00ins(W), 40.00ins(H) Assembly Required? Yes
Weight: 30 lb. Related/Replacement Parts: