Portable Wobble Chair (PORT)

The Portable Therapeutic (Wobble) Chair is patented with a specially-designed seat. The seat provides 360° of rotation, 40° of side to side flexion and 35° of front to back flexion on a universal type joint to facilitate all possible combinations of exercise motion needed for lumbar disc mobility, re-hydration, nutrition delivery, and waste elimination. This portable version is designed for home rehabilitation use.

Standard Color is Black.
Paperwork and Posters sold separately.
Therapeutic Chair US Patent #6,481,795 B1

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We also have an on-demand webinar presented by Dr Christian Cohen, DC. In it, you will learn the Who, What, Where, When and How about the chair including billing suggestions. Check out: Wobble Chair Webinar (On-Demand)

For a quick preview of what's in the webinar, check out this downloadable PDF on the Therapeutic Wobble Chair™.

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Size: 15.00ins(L), 13.00ins(W), 5.00ins(H) Assembly Required? No
Weight: 6.5 lb. Related/Replacement Parts: