Pettibon Linked Exercise Trainer

The 3’x6’ Pettibon Linked Exercise Trainer is for isometric exercises that stretch and strengthen postural muscles and increase endurance. Exercises in most gyms use isotonic (kinetic) exercises that exercise phasic muscles. Phasic exercises will make one strong; however they will not help and often hinder correction of the spinal subluxation complexes. Kinetic exercises should be discontinued during corrective care. Two people at a time can use the Pettibon Linked Exercise Trainer, making it even more efficient and cost-effective.

The set includes: Linked Exercise Trainer, 1 Therapeutic Wobble Chair, Link Cervical Traction, DVD, Manual and Poster Set (12 posters 11x17 unframed).

Poster customization available (email for quote).

Size: 64.00ins(L), 36.00ins(W), 28.00ins(H) Assembly Required? Yes
Weight: 70 lb. Related/Replacement Parts: