Portable Therapeutic Wobble Chair

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Get the same benefits with the Portable Wobble Chair as you would with the full-size Wobble Chair. 


  • 1 Portable Wobble Chair with wobble mechanism



Product Size: 16x16x7 in.

See Specifications for as-shipped size


Doctors! Get the most out of your ship cost and order in case quantities of 5.



The Pettibon System Portable Therapeutic Wobble Chair is a patented solution for back pain relief. With 360° of rotation, 40° of side-to-side flexion, and 35° of front-to-back flexion, you are able to achieve all possible combinations of exercise motion. Designed with a pivot point, the chair allows for a full range of motion that you can’t achieve with inflatable balls or discs.

As your spinal discs age, they lose their internal fluid content and pressure and this can increase your likelihood of back pain and having tight or sore muscles. The portable wobble chair provides benefits such as increased flexibility and lumbar disc mobility, stretching tight and sore muscles, rehydrating spinal discs, and improved nutrition delivery and waste elimination.

For people who experience chronic back pain, are sitting most of the day, or who participate in strenuous activity, a portable wobble chair is a great tool that you can bring wherever you go. Lightweight and portable, bring it with you to the office, vacation, keep it at home, or use it right before physical activity as a warm-up device.

Using the chair for just 5-8 minutes every day with our provided exercises is a great way to get the most out of your portable wobble chair.


  • Warms up the discs prior to spinal molding to reshape the spine more easily
  • Reduces stress in the low back & aids in the prevention & recuperation of injuries
  • Hydrates & re-inflates the lumbar discs & keeps them young, strong, & flexible
  • Assists in the healing of disc bulges and tears
  • Enhances oxygenation of blood & stimulates metabolism, which is necessary for the prevention of disease
  • Helps circulate CSF (the fluid that nourishes the brain & spinal cord)
  • Stretches tight, sore muscles
  • Nutrition delivery & waste elimination
  • Great warm-up if you have been sitting for any length of time or before beginning any activity

Additional information

Weight 90 oz
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 7 in



13 reviews for Portable Therapeutic Wobble Chair

  1. Terry Smith

    Used at my Chiro’s office with great results, now i can have one to use at home.

  2. Matthew Meccia

    I have been using this product in practice now for 8 years! It has been used by thousands of patients and it still works and looks as great as it did the day I bought it!

  3. Ernesto Bravo

    Good traveler equipment. Strongly recommended.

  4. Dr. Gregory Stowe Stowe

    This device is great for patients who need to continue rehab at home. Putting more solutions in our patients hands is how we commit to helping them continue improving and their spinal correction. I appreciate companies that provider solutions like this. Thanks

  5. Angie Gray

    I love the convenience of using this portable therapeutic wobble chair to enhance my therapy while vacationing. I was introduced to the wobble chair at my chiropractor’s clinic and continue to use it before adjustments. The wobble chair has improved my sciatica and lower back flexibility. Now I can continue my progress while away from home.

  6. Ivar Berens

    It has helped to loosen up my lower back and to decrease back pain a lot. I used to use it at the chiropractor‘s office but now I have it in my home for my convenience and I’m so happy about it. I highly recommend anyone to get it to maintain your good posture

  7. Melissa Miller

    I have sciatica pain down my legs and this has helped tremendously. Thank you!

  8. Dr. Kara Waltz

    My patient’s love the portable wobble chair when sitting behind their computers for several hours. Many have reported les back pain and improved posture just from using the wobble chair. It is also well made and durable.

  9. Dancingraine

    Had one before and had good results. I like the product. Efficient delivery.

  10. Nancy

    Great way to loosen your tight back

  11. Emil Tompkins

    We have been using the portable wobble chair in our office for years. This product is well made and has survived the test of time. Our patients are impressed with the results they have achieved when using this product.

    • Ms. Hannah Schneider

      Hi Emil! Thank you for this review! We just want to put in a reminder that we highly suggest using the portable wobble chair for at home use only as using it in the clinic does void the 6 month warranty. Our full size Therapeutic Wobble Chair is design for clinic use.

  12. Sheri Scagliola

    I use the wobble chair at doctor’s office at the beginning of my PT visit 2-3 times and it has worked miracles on my low back and hips. I have severe Rheumatoid Arthritis and Scleraderma. By using the portable wobble seat at the beginning of my workout, it totally loosens the pain and stiffness in my low back and hips. This in turn, releases the tension in my upper body and extends to my legs so I have a much more productive therapy session. In fact, that one exercise has given me so much energy on the days I get to use it. I was shocked that with the Stay at Home requirement for Covid-19 “, I undid all of my progress. I decided that I must be able to start each day warming up with my wobble chair and not let the Covid-19 control my pain. I can’t wait to wobble every morning with my coffee. It is the best gift I have given myself.

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