Black Pettibon Waller with Velcro mounting strips.


  • 1 Waller with velcro mounting strips

Product Size: 36x6x2 in.

See Specifications for as-shipped size


The thoracic adjustment is difficult to perform if the patient has soft tissue splinting. It is important to have several methods of adjusting the mid back once warmed up. For Doctors with small stature it insures the ability to adjust this important part of the global spine. Waller offers a variation to use the patient’s weight & position.

Uses & Benefits:

  • Adjust the dorsal upper dorsal spine from A to P
  • Reestablish movement in the central part of the spine

Proven very effective in dorsal and upper dorsal angle correction, especially in conjunction with the Y and/or Y-A traction adjustment.

Additional information

Weight 64 oz
Dimensions 40 × 8 × 8 in




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