Uncovered Fulcrum Rehab Kit

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The Uncovered Fulcrum Kit has everything you need to start your spinal molding and fulcrum exercise routine! This kit aids in restoring spinal curves while gently stretching and relaxing the spine into optimal position. This kit includes all the fulcrums necessary to start your routine along with a carrying bag, making it easy to bring your fulcrums with you to your chiropractor appointment. The included lifters allow the user to graduate to an advanced stretch once ready, this range of options makes the kit perfect for most users. The fulcrum kit is used for fulcrum exercises and spinal molding.

Our medical grade foam does not go flat!




Kit includes:

Product Size (all foam in the bag): 15x10x14 in.

Lycra covers sold separately.

See Specifications for as-shipped size


Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 10 in



4 reviews for Uncovered Fulcrum Rehab Kit

  1. T.M. Scruggs

    I bought two kits for friends with back problems. This system worked wonders on what turned out to be my straightened out spine, greatly increased my quality of life

  2. jessicagoodwi

    I remember how much these helped me at a previous chiropractor’s office, so I purchased this set when I became more sedentary due to quarantine. I use it everyday to keep my spine in check. This set combined with the cervical traction, 6 way stretch and wobble chair help me manage severe rheumatoid arthritis that affects every part of my body.

  3. Christopher Keezer

    I use these for all my patients after their adjustments and rehab. They all enjoy this part! Also recommend them for home use as a simple way to work on themselves at home along with the fulcrum exercises.

  4. Lila

    This is my second set of fulcrums. I got the first set in 1995 or 1996. They helped straighten my spine from an accident where my spine was crushed from hitting the car roof and then slamming into the car seat which broke the anchors that held the seat in place. I used the fulcrums and exercises to get back three of the four inches I lost in height.

    I was in another accident and had a similar injury in March of 2017. Part of my fulcrums were lost on a trip. I have just gotten my new ones. Just a few days of use and I have gotten back an inch of the three inches I lost in height. I am thrilled.

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