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Uncovered Fulcrum Rehab Kit

Product Number: KIT UFRK

Our foam does not go flat! Spinal Molding and Fulcrum exercises restore spinal curves. Spinal Molding utilizes the Combination Block and the Low Back Support (begins as early as 1st day of care). It is a passive exercise performed in bed. After transitioning to the Lumbo-Dorsal Fulcrum, the Low Back Support is used in the car, at home or office in chairs for all day support of the lumbar spine.

Fulcrum Exercise Program consists of a Combo Block, Lumbar Dorsal Fulcrum, a 1” lifter and a 2” lifter. Phasic spinal muscle fibers are changed to postural muscle fibers as a result of displacement subluxations. Changing of these postural muscle fibers back to phasic is produced by spinal correction. Fulcrum rehab exercises are necessary to complete and maintain spine and posture correction. Paperwork and Posters sold separately.

For more information on Fulcrum exercises: Click HERE Click the video tab next to description below to access related videos.

Size (in)
Shipping Weight:
3 lbs
Actual Weight: 
Quantity (per order):
Assembly Required: 
Requires Additional Parts: 
• Spinal Molding before bed and after warm-ups
• Fulcrum Exercises

Disclaimer: It is the responsibility Practitioners to be properly trained in the use of Pettibon Rehabilitation Equipment used in their clinic and sent home with patients and to properly train patients on its use. It is also the user’s responsibility to inspect and maintain all equipment in their care. Mobile Users: Login through My Account to shop.