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Negative Z with Headstrap

Product Number: INST NEG Z

The Negative Z is known for taking the neck out of flexion or extension. For skull-atlas displacement locked in flexion or extension. The Negative Z holds the atlas while the skull is flexed or extended, causing the condyles to rotate in the lateral masses of the stable atlas. Adjusts the skull on the atlas!

The head strap/halter is used for adjusting small children or patients who have difficulty holding their head and neck in the flexed position during adjustment.

Comes in two sizes: regular and small. They are the same size except The Baby Negative Z has a shorter drop so that adjusting forces are more easily controlled.

Size (in)
Shipping Weight:
9 lbs
Actual Weight: 
Quantity (per order):
Assembly Required: 
Requires Additional Parts: 
• Adjust the skull on the atlas
• Lower cervical spine extension adjusting
• Y and Y/A adjusting
• Lateral skull on atlas adjusting
• Extremity adjusting (knee, foot, etc.)

Disclaimer: It is the responsibility Practitioners to be properly trained in the use of Pettibon Rehabilitation Equipment used in their clinic and sent home with patients and to properly train patients on its use. It is also the user’s responsibility to inspect and maintain all equipment in their care. Mobile Users: Login through My Account to shop.