Mini Uncovered Cervical Dorsal Fulcrum (Combination Block)

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The Mini-Uncovered Fulcrums are for individuals of small stature. They are about 1 inch smaller than the regular-sized Uncovered Cervical Dorsal Fulcrum.

  • 1 Mini Cervical Dorsal Support Fulcrum

Mini Cervical Dorsal Lycra Cover available.

Product Size: 10x5x4 in.

See Specifications for as-shipped size


The Mini Cervical Dorsal support is used for spinal molding and fulcrum exercises for smaller statured individuals, children, or individuals with little curve who cannot tolerate the regular size Cervical Dorsal Fulcrum. Use for spinal molding every evening before bed set a timer and relax for 20 minutes. The benefits are great. You will feel relaxed while correcting your spinal curves- which will help to eliminate back pain.

Pettibon recommends pairing the Mini Cervical Dorsal (Neck) with the Mini Low Back Support Fulcrum (sold separately) for spinal molding.

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 16 × 13 × 5 in



5 reviews for Mini Uncovered Cervical Dorsal Fulcrum (Combination Block)

  1. Dr. Kristen Zawada Brownson

    Patients really love this mini cervical fulcrum across the board. It’s a great tool to start patients on the proper track as they restore motion and mechanics post adjustment with this fulcrum. We love the results our consistent patients get when they use this at home 5x/week to regain their curve!

  2. dodiechiro

    Patients love the cerivical fulcrum. I refer to it as the ‘Spinal Martini’ since it feels so good to use.

  3. Dr. John MISHKO

    We continue to use the cervical dorsal fulcrum more and more with our patients. It helps greatly to restore functional motion and optimal mechanics.

  4. Dr. Dominic Pisaro

    Great Product for patient with a reversed cervical curve. we at Arcadia use this Wedge all the time.
    Love it!


    FOr patients with a reversed cervical curve this product is perfect!. Passive Ligamentous creep in action of correction!!!!!

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