Himalayan Crystal Salt

Healthy spinal discs are normally 88% water.

Consuming adequate amounts of water & protein prior to rehab & corrective procedures ensures the nervous system & muscles respond as expected.

Patients who consume 2 ounces of Sole in a glass of drinking water along with an additional 8 oz of water prior to treatment respond well.

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Patients who are salt-deprived complain of unexplained aches, especially headaches. There is an onset of muscle cramping, especially of the large ones, which usually occurs in the legs and particularly at night.

This cramping indicates the need for digestible salt. This salt contains 84 trace minerals that are needed for digestion and other bodily functions (unlike table salt).

Natural salt is better for digestion as it is uncooked and has no preservatives and is essential for electrolyte production, which is necessary for neural activity and function.

The cooking of salt and addition of preservatives changes its composition, taste, and metabolic functions.

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