Getting Started Kit: Headaches


This kit includes all you need for headache relief.

Normally priced at $115-$118.

Are you struggling with painful headaches? This kit is for you! Just pick which Cervical Traction Unit, Fulcrum and Lycra cover works for you. Then you will be on track to getting rid of headaches and improving your posture. We designed this kit to help those who are new to the Pettibon System or anyone wanting to start their journey to a healthier spine.

Not sure which Traction Unit is the right choice?

If you have any sensitivities in the jaw including TMJ or clenching, we recommend trying out the Cervical Traction Unit for TMJ. If you do not have any sensitivities in the jaw we recommend the Regular Cervical Traction Unit.

Not sure which Foam to choose? 

The Mini Cervical Dorsal Fulcrum is designed for smaller statured individuals or individuals with poor flexibility in the neck, otherwise we recommend the Uncovered Cervical Dorsal Fulcrum.

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This kit is normally priced between $115-118.

Getting Started Kit: Headaches Includes:

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Additional information

Weight 54.4 oz
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 7 in


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