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Pettibon Institute

The Pettibon Institute, a non-profit research and educational organization founded by Dr. Burl Pettibon in 1981, is dedicated to research that supports The Pettibon System's efficacy and provides the evidence-based courses that spread the practice of proven spine and posture correction and advance The Pettibon Rehab System.

Ask Pettibon practitioners what started the transformation of their practice and most will say it was their first course on The Pettibon System. The consistent reaction is how the science, logic, and compelling proof make it impossible to go back to conventional chiropractic. Many health care providers who take a Pettibon Institute course for instruction in a specific area find it to be an invaluable tool for getting patients out of pain and on their way to structural correction.
Pettibon Institute offers online, webinar and instructor-led courses that train practitioners in Pettibon Rehab System procedures, product use and implementation, as well as advanced trainings.  Take courses through The Pettibon Institute at any time. For complete course catalog and current schedule, visit our Education page.  Many thought they knew Pettibon before taking a class through the Institute and discovered they had only scratched the surface with other training organizations.
If you are not interested in pursuing coursework with Pettibon Institute but would still like to learn more about latest research, articles, and multimedia tutorials, visit the Pettibon Blog.
Students at Chiropractic colleges interested in having a Pettibon Club on campus need to contact the Pettibon Institute at 800-766-4885.


What Distinguishes the Pettibon System?

  • X-ray procedures that ensure exact diagnosis, assess progress, and prove treatment effectiveness
  • Testing each patient's ability to respond to care
  • Empowering patients through active care in clinic and homecare protocols for lasting correction

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Relationship with Pettibon System, Inc.

All of the instruments and equipment used in The Pettibon System are proprietary and developed, marketed, and sold exclusively by Pettibon System, Inc. Products are donated for use in our courses. Other support that The Pettibon Institute receives: mailings of our advertisements and promotional material and administrative assistance for our record keeping.
At the conclusion of a course, participants can discuss the purchase of instruments and equipment with sales support staff from Pettibon System, Inc. They can also obtain a product catalog for future use. While The Pettibon Institute pays all instructor fees and expenses, Pettibon System, Inc. does additionally compensate instructors with a percentage of product sales transactions.


Continuing Education and Relicensure

For a complete listing of the Chiropractic CE requirements by board, please visit: . Therapists and others looking for CEU, please contact with your state information/requirements. We will do what we can to supply you with what you need for your submission.