Part 1 – Patient Analysis

Course Description

Patient Analysis covers the initial evaluation procedures and reevaluation procedures for each patient. Because each patient is different, we have designed an evaluation procedure which addresses the differences among patients. Consequently, these procedures provide a foundation to guide you into the proper diagnosis or further advanced testing. Ultimately, our goal is for each attendee to master why the sequence is important to the science, philosophy and art of the initial treatments! Download the Content Listing & Educational Objectives [PDF].

Course Outline

  • Welcome to Pettibon
  • Overview of all the classes, class order and certification info
  • Normal Nerve Function
  • Briefly review nerve function control of posture
  • Briefly review motor and autonomic nerve tests
  • Normal Structure (Spine Function)
  • Normal spinal form and function
  • Key principles


Up to 3 hours applied for through PACE, check with your licensing board for acceptance.

How long do I have to complete the course?

The clock starts running as soon as you register, and you will have 30 days to complete the course. However, If you are not able to complete the course within those 30 days, contact us at to request one free course extension (30 days). There will be a $20 fee for each additional 30-day extension.

$ 99.00 USD