Clinic Protocols & Home Care

Course Description

Clinic Protocols & Home Care covers how patients’ treatment plans are determined from x-rays and testing. Also covered is the application of The Pettibon Weighting System, water and nutritional intake, whole-body vibration, spinal decompression, the use of instruments and rehabilitation equipment, mobilization procedures, pre-examination preparation and stretching, post-mobilization proprioceptive exercises, and rehabilitation exercises. Content Listing & Educational Objectives [PDF].

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • Apply the procedures for testing: stress test, spirometer evaluation, cervical flexor muscle strength.
  • Complete the application of head, shoulder, and hip weights for The Pettibon Weighting System.
  • Identify adequate hydration, essential minerals, whole-body vibration, and disc decompression.
  • Implement the use of the 6-Way Cervical-Dorsal Exercise Strap, Repetitive Cervical Traction™, and Wobble Chair™.
  • Implement the use of the Negative Z™.
  • Implement the use of the Multiple Digital Toggle Mobilization Instrument™ (MDT).
  • Implement the use of the Pettibon Tendon Ligament Muscle Stimulator™ (PTLMS) and Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Implement the use of the DUD Thoracic Mobilizer™.
  • Preform Y-A and Y hand mobilizations.
  • Apply the use of #1, #2, and #3 mobilizations.
  • Implement the use of the Y-Traction Strap.
  • Implement the use of mobilization procedures for Posture #1, Posture #2, and Posture #3.
  • Apply the techniques of spinal molding.
  • Implement the use of fulcrums, fulcrum exercises, and the Linked Exercise Trainer™.


Up to 18 hours available (CEU is based on time spent in the course up to the maximum available)

How long do I have to complete this course?

The clock starts running as soon as you register, and you will have 30 days to complete the course. However, If you are not able to complete the course within those 30 days, contact us at to request one free course extension (30 days). There will be a $20 fee for each additional 30-day extension.

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