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When you register for one of our online courses you will  learn The Pettibon System of Rehabilitation, anywhere and at any time.  Your computer will need a sound card and high-resolution graphics capability, also make sure you are located where you have reliable internet access.

Our online courses include access to printable documents, in order to print those resources you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software.

To get the most from our courses:

  • Make sure that you’re comfortable using your personal computer and the Internet
  • Avoid distractions
  • Plan your study times and stick to them

How are multimedia components incorporated within our courses?

Because Fundamentals covers ‘the what’ and ‘why’ there are only a few audio and video clips. However, X-ray Procedures includes extensive audio clips of a Pettibon practitioner explaining how to set-up x-ray equipment, position patients, take mark, and measure x-rays. Clinic Protocols & Home Care, includes more than three hours of video clips that demonstrate ‘the how’ of testing, exams, and using instruments and rehabilitation equipment. Also,The 5-Part Series takes all the original classes and separates them into easy to follow segments. These segments are full of audio clips, video clips, and PowerPoint material including tests. Click on the courses below for a more detailed description.

Online Courses Currently Offered: