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I’m interested in learning the Pettibon Rehabilitation System, where do I start?

Are you brand new to The Pettibon System? Has it been a while since your last Pettibon class? Check out our online courses, they start with the fundamentals and progress from there!

 Why online? The online courses have the luxury of time. Therefore, smaller chunks of content are presented in-depth in a steady progression going from ‘the what’ and ‘ why’ to ‘how.’  In addition, when you complete an online course’s post test and evaluation form, you can download a Certificate of Completion.

How do I register or log in to Online Learning?

Follow the link above to register or log in to the Pettibon Institute online learning.  First, we recommend that you create a website account so you can browse our products and view the wholesale cost. If you encounter an issue while registering, we can be reached at (360) 748-4207, Monday-Friday 7:00 AM – 3:30 PM Pacific Time.

What’s the process for getting CE hours?

The Pettibon Institute offers credit for our online courses through our status as a PACE Recognized Provider. PACE (Providers of Approved Continuing Education) is a service of the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards. Not all boards accept online courses for CE hours and not all boards accept courses from Recognized PACE Providers. For a complete listing of the Chiropractic CE requirements by the board, click here! 

Online Learning Usage Requirements

You must accept our Terms of Service Agreement (TOS). The TOS grants a license to use an online course for 30 days. Under the terms and conditions of the TOS, usage is limited to one individual and this usage cannot be shared in any way with others. Within the 30 day course, you can log in and participate at any hour of the day.

Refund and Cancellation Policies

Payments are final, and the license to use an online course cannot be canceled once a user is registered. For some extenuating circumstances e.g., serious illness, accident, loss of electricity and/or Internet connection, the time period for completing the online course may be extended. Requests regarding extenuating circumstances will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Contact our office: (360) 748-4207.