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Stretching Postural Muscles & Restoring Spinal Curves

Postural muscles are NOT those muscles you work while pumping iron in a gym. They respond to stationary forces such as those engaged while using the Linked Trainer™ and the Fulcrum Exercise Program. The fulcrum exercise programs are in reality 2 different procedures. One is passive and the other is active.

The passive procedure (Spinal Molding) is performed after the spine has been exercised through various ranges of motions (Cervical Traction, Therapeutic Wobble Chair, etc.).

Here is how it works:

1) The various ranges of motions cause spinal discs' nucleus to be changed from a hydro-jell (like jello) into a hydro-sol (like water) with limited resistance to any position it is held in for the next 15 minutes while the disc nucleus changes back into its stable resting hydro-jell solution.

2) During these 15 minutes in the hydro-sol state, the neck and back fulcrums are designed to hold the lying supine person's spine in their optimum position while their discs regain stability (hydro-jell).

3) The neck and back fulcrums are usually used for the first 15 minutes while the user is lying supine in bed, before sleep each night.

4) Using the neck and back fulcrums to maintain the normal resting configuration of the neck and back has proven to improve arterial and nerve function in preparation for rest and sleep each night.

The active procedure (Fulcrum Exercises) are various stretching and exercises one can perform while lying on the fulcrums to hold their spine in or nearly in its optimum (at rest) position. These procedures include three distinctive phases of care, Beginning, Intermediate and Advanced exercises performed on Fulcrums (specially designed firm foam that does not go flat), as per the Fulcrum Exercise Booklet. These exercises can be viewed on the product page below.

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