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Loehr Health Center

Loehr Health Center
2144 E Republic Rd
STE A-104
Springfield, MO 65804
United States
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Pettibon Services:

Seated X-Ray and analysis, 3 Phase Care (Acute, Corrective, Maintenance), Prescribe Pettibon Rehab equipment for patient home care

Pettibon Equipment:

Decompression Table, Cervical Traction Units / Wall Mounts, Wobble Chair, Weighting System

Loehr Health Center, formerly Loehr Chiropractic & Acupuncture, is known as the best chiropractor in 417-land. Loehr Health a holistic, family-style, clinic with two locations in southwest Missouri.
Our team of chiropractors, medical doctors, acupuncturists, counselor, athletic trainers, massage therapists, functional medicine doctor, and Traditional Chinese Medicine invite patients and their healthcare teams to stop covering up symptoms and get to the root of the problem.

Thousands of patients have been helped and seen their symptoms of chronic pain or other issues alleviated. But, how can you know if a holistic action plan is for you? The answer is to schedule an appointment and see for yourself.

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