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Sean Milam, D.C.

Milam Chiropractic & Sports Therapy
161 Fashion Lane, Suite 114
Tustin, CA 92780
United States
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Pettibon Services:

3 Phase Care (Acute, Corrective, Maintenance), Prescribe Pettibon Rehab equipment for patient home care

Pettibon Equipment:

Decompression Table, PTLMS, Negative Z, Y-Axis Traction Strap, MDT, Cervical Traction Units / Wall Mounts, Wobble Chair, Weighting System

What we do is unique and different, especially compared to other chiropractors in Orange County. We are the Leading Center for Performance Sports Therapy & Spinal Health, by offering an amazing bio-mechanical approach for sports injuries, back pain and scoliosis with the latest Multi-disciplinary athletic performance system featuring: Specialized Sports Chiropractic, Advanced Soft Tissue (myofascial) Therapy, Postural Correction and active sports rehabilitation.
Through our ideal Pettibon approach, we successfully relieve back pain, headaches, neck pain, sciatica, hip discomfort, shoulder pain, foot pain, improve your health and quality of life. Any sports injury that is holding you back from competing at optimal performance- we help you recover and strengthen your system to avoid future injuries. We welcome those who reside in Tustin, Santa Ana, Orange and Irvine areas to visit our Tustin location and see why we are number one in Orange County. We also invite you to visit if you commute through Tustin on your way to the office- we set appointments to fit your busy schedule.