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Dr. Nikisha McDaniel

Magnolia Chiropractic, P.A.
139 South Main St
Irving, TX 75060
United States
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Pettibon Services:

Seated X-Ray and analysis, 3 Phase Care (Acute, Corrective, Maintenance), Prescribe Pettibon Rehab equipment for patient home care

Pettibon Equipment:

Decompression Table, Y-Axis Traction Strap, Cervical Traction Units / Wall Mounts, Wobble Chair, Vibration Platform, Weighting System

Dr. Nikisha T. McDaniel has more than twenty-one years of experience caring and treating the metroplex community. With a passion and commitment to helping people achieve optimal health and improving their lives she has treated thousands of patients including golf pros, college athletes, Olympic athletes, moms, dads, kids, infants and grandparents! She has treated patients from one week old to 92 and all ages in between! It is her true joy to help each patient meet their health care goals!

She received her B.S. degree from Southern Arkansas University and a second B.S. in Human Anatomy and Doctorate of Chiropractic from Dallas’ Parker University. Dr. McDaniel does extensive studies each year to stay on the forefront of the latest treatments and protocols.

Dr. McDaniel is also committed to educating her patients and the public to the many benefits of Chiropractic and how it can improve every aspect of your life.

Settled in the heart of Irving’s heritage district, Magnolia Chiropractic staff along with Dr. McDaniel provide a service that is friendly, sincere, highly effective, and efficient. We look forward to working with you soon!

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