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General Info

How do I find out about current promotions?
Check out our promo page to stay up to date on the latest promotions.

How do I find a Pettibon doctor in my area?
Please check out our Provider Directory to find the right Pettibon Doctor for you.

What is the difference between the Portable Wobble Chair and the Therapeutic Wobble Chair?
The Portable Wobble Chair is designed primarily for at home use (clinic use voids warranty).

The Therapeutic Wobble Chair is designed to withstand use at the clinic. It has arms for support and a few more degrees of flexion allowing for a deeper stretch. We offer parts and pieces that can be used to take your old wobble chair back to new standard.

What is the weight limit for the Therapeutic Wobble Chair?
Our Wobble Chair is tested up to 300 lbs.

What is the difference between the Cervical Traction Unit and Cervical Traction Unit for TMJ?
The regular Cervical Traction Unit is designed for the straight bar to go under the chin, as well as the forehead.

The Cervical Traction for Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction or TMJ is designed for anybody who cannot tolerate the pressure of the bar under your chin. The straight bar has thicker padding and is to be used on the forehead.

What is the weight limit for the Cervical Traction Units?
Our Traction Units should only be holding up to 20% of your body weight.

Is there another way to hang my Cervical Traction?
Both models of the Traction Unit come with a doorstop and are able to be used with our traction hook. If you do not want to use it with a door you can attach it to your wall using our wall mount.

What type of foam is used for the Fulcrums?
All of our fulcrums are made of non toxic, inert, non-gas emitting, open-cell medical grade, polyurethane foam. 
What type of foam is used in the Traction Units?
Traction units are made of EVA, nitrile foam. This foam is non-hypoallergenic and easily cleaned.

What products are made in the USA?
We pride ourselves with our focus of keeping Pettibon products made in the USA. Currently our Vibration Platform, MDT, Negative Z, Therapeutic Wobble Chair, Waller, PT-5, Weight bars and all of our Foam Fulcrums are made in the USA.

Do any products contain latex?
None of our products contain Latex.


Shipping, Warranty & Returns Info


When will my order ship?
If your order is placed before 12pm PST it will go out the same business day. If after, it will will likely ship out the next business day.

What are the shipping rates?
Professionals pay flat rate by state, except international (currently we charge list price via estimate emailed.) 

Consumers qualify for free shipping, Canada has a $40 flat rate.

Please visit our Shipping Policy page for more details. 

What is the warranty period on my Pettibon Products?
Please visit our Warranty Policy page to find details on our product warranty.
Can I return my product?
Our products have been trusted by doctors for over 30 years. However, if you aren’t satisfied for any reason please visit our Return Policy page for return details.


Doctor Specific Info

My PTLMS/MDT/Negative Z is not working, what do I do?

We offer in house instrument repairs. The PTLMS has been discontinued, make sure to call our office and speak to the repair department to see if we are able to service your instrument. We have limited supply of PTLMS parts.

Click here to fill out the Repair Form

The PTLMS: Flat $100 repair fee plus S+H, includes cleaning and testing.

The MDT: $50 repair fee + cost of parts and S+H.

Negative Z: $50 repair fee plus parts and S+H.


Please do not attempt to fix your instrument yourself. Tampering with your instrument voids warranty. 

What type of battery is used for the PTLMS?

The PTLMS battery is nickel hydride.

It takes about 2 hours to fully charge, and runs about 20 mins of continuous use.

Repairing or tampering with instrument voids warranty, repairs must be made by the Pettibon System.

What is the difference between the 2 models of wall mounts?

We have 2 models of the traction wall mount, the TBAR and Traction Wall Mount.

The TBAR is white powder coated, and comes with 1 carabiner. The traction unit is secured with a carabiner.

The Traction Wall Mount is brushed aluminum. It is designed to attach to the wall with the traction unit attached by a carabiner.

Do we offer Online Courses?
Currently we do not offer online courses or a certification program. We are working on creating courses to meet your needs, fill out this interest form to let us know what you are interested in learning.

How do I check my CE's from past courses I took with Pettibon?
To check your CE’s you will need to create an account at PACE, and log in to monitor your CE credits,

Is the catalog or price sheet available?
The best way to stay up to date with current products and pricing is on our site, click here to see all products.

How do I become listed on the Provider Directory?
Any healthcare provider with an active license can be listed on our provider directory map if you provide at least 2 Pettibon Services, make sure you are logged in, and complete the form here.

Where can I find posters or handouts for my clinic?
Please take a look at our Downloadable Resources page & click on the tab Clinic Printables. We are continuously updating this page to include more information for your patients as well as doctors.
What billing codes should I use for Pettibon products?
Please consult your current ChiroCode book for updated billing codes. We are unable to give specific coding advice as CPT codes are subject to change and vary per state. Check your state law and/or a billing professional in your area. When billing ANY equipment, it is best to have a letter of medical necessity accompany the billing, state the patient’s problem that will be addressed with the specific equipment.