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"I was rear-ended in a car accident. For a year and one-half, despite physical and massage therapy and adjustments, I still wasn't a whole lot better. We had five horses and I couldn't do anything with them. Even brushing them was too painful. Then doc (Michael Milasich) started me on The Pettibon System. I got back to a normal functioning life, including aerobics."

Susie Glaser

Tacoma, WA

X-Ray Procedures

Course Description

X-ray Procedures covers the 'how' of biomechanical x-ray patient positioning, marking, and measuring to determine abnormal spinal form and function. Download the Content Listing & Educational Objectives [PDF].

Content Listing & Educational Objectives

  • Measures for normal
  • Normal versus abnormal posture
  • Patient positioning and tools set-up
  • Marking and measuring the seven views

Upon its completion, X-ray Procedures will enable participants to identify:

  • Identify the equipment and film requirements, tube distances, and how patients are positioned for taking accurate x-rays.
  • Determine forward head posture, skull-atlas relationship, disc height, cervical lordosis, percentage of loss of cervical lordosis (curve), and vertebral participation on Neutral Lateral Skull-Cervical x-rays.
  • Determine skull flexion on atlas, vertebral translation, cervical flexion angle, and vertebral participation on Lateral Cervical Flexion x-rays.
  • Determine skull extension on atlas, vertebral translation, cervical extension angle, and vertebral participation on Lateral Cervical Extension x-rays.
  • Determine anterior-posterior translation.
  • Determine the Upper Angle (UA), Lower Angle (LA), C2 rotation, Cervical Dorsal (CD) Angle, and Dorsal Upper Dorsal (DUD) Angle on A-P Skull-Cervical, Upper Thoracic x-rays.
  • Determine atlas rotation on Base Posterior Cervical-Skull x-rays.
  • Determine sacral base to L5 translation, lumbar lordosis, percentage of loss of lumbar lordosis (curve), weight bearing (GWL), disc height, and vertebral participation on Neutral Lateral Lumbo-Sacral, Lower Thoracic x-rays.
  • Determine the Lumbo Sacral (LS) Angle, Lumbo Dorsal (LD) Angle, and Dorsal Lower Dorsal (DLD) Angle on A-P Lumbo-Sacral, Lower Thoracic x-rays.
  • Identify how to determine loss


Up to 12 hours available (CEU is based on time spent in the course up to the maximum available)

Time to Complete

The clock starts running as soon as you register. You'll have 30 days to complete the course. If you are not able to complete the course within those 30 days, contact us at to request one free course extension (30 days). There will be a $20 fee for each additional 30-day extension.

What's the process for getting CE hours?

We send a monthly report of doctors who have successfully completed the online courses to the coordinator at Palmer College and PACE (Providers of Approved Continuing Education) at the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards at the beginning of each month. The doctors' chiropractic regulatory boards are then informed by the CE providers. Not all boards accept online courses for CE hours and not all boards accept courses from Recognized PACE Providers. We have listed all the CE Re-licensure Requirements for the US and Canada so you can verify what your board accepts.  Hours in this report are calculated based on time spent to complete a course up to the amount available.

Some states and provinces require the doctor to submit the certificate of completion. It is your responsibility to know the process with your state/province. If you are responsible for submitting your hours, be sure to print out the certificate once you finish the evaluation at the end of each online course.

(Need assistance in a hurry outside of the monthly report? E-mail for assistance, there will be a $25 filing fee.)

$ 99.00