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“The Pettibon System covers the physical stress components of the nerve system so magnificently. It's now become the foundation for my practice.”

Kerry L. Dillberg, D.C.

Koloa, Hawaii

Functional Neurology

Course Description

Functional Neurology covers nerve signaling, four of the main spinal cord pathways, muscle contraction principles, reflex types and the posture system. Each Practitioner is individual and different in their personal technique expression. This course will assist practitioners to be more equipped to evaluate each unique patient before and after their technique is applied. These procedures are a great foundation. Some patients may need further testing outside of these procedures; however, these procedures are initially designed to guide practitioners into the proper diagnosis or guide them into further advanced testing.

Download the Content Listing & Educational Objectives [PDF].


This class is for practitioners who want to learn how to incorporate Neurology into patient analysis. Documentation of the nerve system evaluation, what is seen, preformed and tested, is an important key that one cannot miss. One cannot prove, disprove or improve that which he cannot measure. By reviewing the nerve system components, measuring it and putting together how it connects with the areas of the body, how each system interrelates and what other tests might be needed we can properly arrive at the precise problem(s). We use patient’s objective measures through our testing to understand each patient’s condition completely and comprehensively in order to properly diagnose. From the diagnosis we can then start formulating a plan on whether we can help this patient or not. The communication to each patient during the education processes, in regards to their health problem(s) and the nerve system, is crucial and can make the patient want services or reject services. Our primary goal is for each attendee to regain the appreciation for the nerve system and most importantly how to measure it!

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Functional Neurology
  • Nerve Signaling (basic principles)
  • Nerve Signaling From The Body
  • Overview Of The Pettibon System
  • Spinal Cord Pathways (four main pathways)
  • Muscular Contraction (neuromuscular junction)
  • Reflex Arc (basic principles)
  • Learned Reflexes
  • Inborn Reflexes
  • Cranial Reflexes
  • Spinal Reflexes
  • Posture System
  • Vestibular System
  • Cervical Reflexes
  • Cerebellum
  • Vestibulo-Ocular Reflexes (VOR)
  • Sensory Feedback From Ambulation
  • The Autonomic Nerve System
  • Light Reflexes
  • Blind Spot Mapping
  • Auditory Testing


Up to 14 hours applied for through PACE, check with your licensing board for acceptance.

Time to Complete

The clock starts running as soon as you register. You'll have 30 days to complete the course. If you are not able to complete the course within those 30 days, contact us at to request one free course extension (30 days). There will be a $20 fee for each additional 30-day extension.

What's the process for getting CE hours?

We send a monthly report of doctors who have successfully completed the online courses to the coordinator at Palmer College and PACE (Providers of Approved Continuing Education) at the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards at the beginning of each month. The doctors' chiropractic regulatory boards are then informed by the CE providers. Not all boards accept online courses for CE hours and not all boards accept courses from Recognized PACE Providers. We have listed all the CE Re-licensure Requirements for the US and Canada so you can verify what your board accepts.  Hours in this report are calculated based on time spent to complete a course up to the amount available.

Some states and provinces require the doctor to submit the certificate of completion. It is your responsibility to know the process with your state/province. If you are responsible for submitting your hours, be sure to print out the certificate once you finish the evaluation at the end of each online course.

(Need assistance in a hurry outside of the monthly report? E-mail for assistance, there will be a $25 filing fee.)

Optional Products

In this course certain products will be introduced and used. See products below. These products are not required for course.

Optional Course Products

$ 99.00