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Burl Pettibon, DC | July 2, 2015
Loading and unloading maneuvers like those produced by Repetitive Cervical Traction™ and the Therapeutic Wobble Chair™ prepare the spine to be rehabilitated. These loading and unloading procedures have proven... Read More...
Deed E. Harrison, DC, Rene Cailliet, MD, Donald D. Harrison, PhD, DC, MSE, Tadeusz J. Janik, PhD, Burt Holland, PhD | August 1, 2011
RECENTLY, THERE HAS BEEN a surge of interest in the biomedical literature about the normal shape and magnitude of the lumbar lordosis. Multiple studies have investigated the normal magnitude and distribution... Read More...
Categories: Traction Mechanisms
Tags: Lumbar, Traction
Constantine Constantoyannis, MD,a,b Demetres Konstantinou, MD,b Harry Kourtopoulos, MD, PhD, and Nicolas Papadakis, MD, PhD | August 1, 2011
Normal cervical disks absorb stress applied to the spine and permit some degree of spinal motion. The water content and elasticity of the nucleus pulposus is highest in utero but aging gradually decreases the... Read More...
Categories: Traction Mechanisms
Deed E. Harrison, DC, Donald D. Harrison, PhD, DC, Joeseph J. Betz, DC, Tadeusz J. Janik, PhD, Burt Holland, PhD, Christopher J. Colloca, DC, and Jason W. Haas, DC | August 1, 2011
Neck pain is becoming increasingly prevalent in today’s society. In a recent 10-year follow-up of 200 asymptomatic subjects, Gore reported an incidence of 15% for the development of neck pain. Neck pain has... Read More...
Categories: Traction Mechanisms
Annette A. Harte, BSc, George D. Baxter, DPhil, Jacqueline H. Gracey, DPhil | August 1, 2011
APPROXIMATELY 80% OF THE population experiences low back pain (LBP) at some time in their lives; 90% will resolve within 2 to 4 weeks, but 60% to 80% will have recurrence within 1 year. Although back pain is... Read More...
Categories: Traction Mechanisms
| July 20, 2011
This video uses our older traction unit. Effective Summer of 2011 we switched to a longer rope with improved built in safety features along with fabric door stops replacing the traction hook. Read More...
Categories: Tutorials