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spinal rehab

Dr Burl Pettibon | April 11, 2017
At this very moment people are sitting on the Wobble Chair™ restoring function and mobility to their spines! The exciting news for all who wobble is there are MORE and GREATER advantages that this amazing... Read More...
| October 3, 2016
Background: I first became aware of Drs Melendez and Gold Coast Chiropractic from a church friend and patient, Debbie D., who highly recommended I go in and get help for some chronic health issues. I had... Read More...
Categories: Patient Stories
| October 3, 2016
Background: I had been suffering from daily chronic migraines for many years. My mom’s coworker and friend, Carla, heard about my plight and recommended that I see Dr. Melendez for help. Carla was already a... Read More...
Categories: Patient Stories
| October 3, 2016
Background: I first learned of the doctors at Gold Coast Chiropractic Center from my wife who attended a BNI group with Dr. Lorraine. At the time, I was having horrible lower back pain, beginning in July 2015... Read More...
Categories: Patient Stories
Marketing | August 3, 2012
In an interview last fall, Dr. Pettibon was asked, "What is it that led you to get into postural rehabilitation vs. traditional subluxation based Chiropractic?" His answer was, "In Chiropractic College I was... Read More...
Categories: Newsletters