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Pettibon System

| July 20, 2017
What is all the buzz about using a Therapeutic Wobble Chair in the clinic? How does it improve the quality of my treatments? Is it easy to learn & can I bill for it? Can't I just get the same benefit from... Read More...
Burl Pettibon | May 18, 2017
Let’s compare a vehicle frame to a misaligned human skeleton, the spine and its malfunction. Normally in vehicles the thrust angle is the line of the drive-line from the engine to the wheels. It also confirms... Read More...
Categories: Chronic Pain
Dr Burl Pettibon | April 11, 2017
At this very moment people are sitting on the Wobble Chair™ restoring function and mobility to their spines! The exciting news for all who wobble is there are MORE and GREATER advantages that this amazing... Read More...
| March 16, 2017
The Fulcrum Exercises Program includes various stretching and postural muscle exercises. An individual performs these while lying on the fulcrums that hold their spine in or nearly in its optimum (at rest)... Read More...
Categories: Fulcrums
| November 10, 2016
There is no quick fix for Scoliosis - Short term changes may be detrimental to long term outcomes. Many reports and papers have been published on the short term outcomes of certain scoliosis treatments.... Read More...
Categories: Doctor Articles
| November 10, 2016
Mobility in the center of your spine makes a huge difference. Locked or partially locked joints in the thoracic spine and rib cage do not allow permanent spinal correction of cervical or lumbar displacements,... Read More...
| October 3, 2016
Background: Matt was a seventeen year old high school senior who developed severe migraine headaches 6 months prior to being referred to Dr Stanley Henderson, DC. He had missed months of school due to the... Read More...
Categories: Patient Stories
| October 3, 2016
Background: I first became aware of Drs Melendez and Gold Coast Chiropractic from a church friend and patient, Debbie D., who highly recommended I go in and get help for some chronic health issues. I had... Read More...
Categories: Patient Stories
| October 3, 2016
Background: I had been suffering from daily chronic migraines for many years. My mom’s coworker and friend, Carla, heard about my plight and recommended that I see Dr. Melendez for help. Carla was already a... Read More...
Categories: Patient Stories