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Pettibon Treatment

Mark Morningstar | June 17, 2013
ABSTRACT Objective: To demonstrate the benefits of reducing forward head posture and restoring the cervical lordosis as a novel approach to treating a patient with mechanical thoracic pain. Clinical Features... Read More...
Categories: Pettibon Treatment
Ian Horseman DC, Mark W Morningstar DC | August 19, 2008
Abstract Objective: Although spinal decompression therapy has been touted as an effective treatment of disk pathologies, there is little existing research that specifically uses disk parameters as an outcome... Read More...
Categories: Pettibon Treatment
Mark W Morningstar | December 12, 2005
Abstract Background: Lumbar disc herniation is a problem frequently encountered in manual medicine. While manual therapy has shown reasonable success in symptomatic management of these cases, little... Read More...
Categories: Pettibon Treatment
E Stephen Saunders DC, Dennis Woggon BS DC, Christian Cohen BS DC, David H Robinson PhD | April 27, 2003
ABSTRACT Background and Objectives: Evidence of the kinesiopathological component of the vertebral subluxation complex is frequently apparent in observation and assessment of posture. Postural distortion from... Read More...
Categories: Pettibon Treatment
Mark W. Morningstar, DC, CPBM | March 31, 2003
ABSTRACT Objective: To describe a novel approach to correcting cervical hyperlordosis and forward head posture in the treatment of mid-thoracic pain using specific rehabilitative equipment Clinical Features:... Read More...
Categories: Pettibon Treatment