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Cervical Spine

Michael Shaikewitz, D.C. | July 25, 2011
While numerous studies have described loss of lordosis of the cervical spine and the stages of spinal degeneration, the emphasis has been primarily directed toward these conditions as a result of trauma or... Read More...
Categories: Cervical Spine
Graham J. Dobson, D.C., Robert H. I. Blanks, Ph.D., 2,3W.R. Boone, Ph.D., D.C., and Harold G. McCoy, D.C. | June 15, 2011
The present study was undertaken to evaluate, retrospectively, radiographs from diagnosed Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome (OSAS) patients. Four angles were assessed from the lateral radiographs: (1) atlas/... Read More...
Categories: Cervical Spine