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| March 16, 2017
The Fulcrum Exercises Program includes various stretching and postural muscle exercises. An individual performs these while lying on the fulcrums that hold their spine in or nearly in its optimum (at rest)... Read More...
Categories: Fulcrums
| June 29, 2016
Postural muscles are NOT those muscles you work while pumping iron in a gym. They respond to stationary forces such as those engaged while using the Linked Trainer™ and the Fulcrum Exercise Program. The... Read More...
Categories: Fulcrums
Pettibon System | July 18, 2012
A doctor in Iowa emailed us today with this question about post-spinal molding at night, using the lumbar support and cervical fulcrums. Q: "I've been asked what pillow to use or if even to use a pillow... Read More...
Categories: Fulcrums
Tags: FAQ