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Sharon Freese-Pettibon | July 11, 2014
Throughout my career in Chiropractic I noted the tasks that Doctors and staff loved to perform. I also noted those that made them lose sleep or worse yet, took their collective focus from patient care. The... Read More...
Categories: Newsletters
The Pettibon System | February 3, 2013
What happens with your patients if you can no longer adjust them using manual manipulation on a short-term or long-term basis? After some major medical issues (see previous issues on PettibonSystem.com/Blog, I... Read More...
Categories: Newsletters
The Pettibon System | January 4, 2013
Happy New Year! As 2012 came to a close, did you seize all the opportunities presented to you? Sometimes opportunities present themselves out of the strangest circumstances. Read about Jon Pettibon's... Read More...
Categories: Newsletters
The Pettibon System | December 3, 2012
We want to wish you Happy Holidays and appreciate you as a practitioner, patient and friend. This month Dr. Burl Pettibon and Sharon Freese-Pettibon co-authored an article being published in The American... Read More...
Categories: Newsletters
The Pettibon System | November 3, 2012
Most of what we as Practitioners have been taught to do is with our hands. Our professional can be very physically demanding for practitioners. What happens when you are faced with a life crisis that puts... Read More...
Categories: Newsletters
The Pettibon System | October 3, 2012
When was the last time you looked at your business through the eyes of your customer/patient? Sometimes we can't "see the forest for the trees". Whether business is great or could be better, if we put the... Read More...
Categories: Newsletters
Miriam Battson | September 3, 2012
There have been MANY successful professionals who have failed on their way to greatness. Dr Burl Pettibon has written a piece you NEED to read. It will encourage those who are struggling and make those who... Read More...
Categories: Newsletters
Marketing | August 3, 2012
In an interview last fall, Dr. Pettibon was asked, "What is it that led you to get into postural rehabilitation vs. traditional subluxation based Chiropractic?" His answer was, "In Chiropractic College I was... Read More...
Categories: Newsletters
Newsletters | July 3, 2012
It is time to consider the role that deep tissue stimulation plays in the rehabilitation of para-vertebral soft tissue. We must realize that more flexibility is needed in reviewing new concepts that will... Read More...
Categories: Newsletters