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Therapeutic Wobble Chair™ FREE Webinar

What is all the buzz about using a Therapeutic Wobble Chair in the clinic? How does it improve the quality of my treatments? Is it easy to learn & can I bill for it? Can't I just get the same benefit from a ball or an over inflated disk?

If you've ever had these thoughts, you owe it to yourself and/or your patients to explore this FREE on-demand webinar that answers these questions and more. You CAN reverse degenerative disc disease and improve the health of spinal discs.

For a quick preview of what's in the webinar, check out this downloadable PDF on the Therapeutic Wobble Chair™.

Discover what the Therapeutic Wobble Chair™ can do for you, your clinic and your patients. In this webinar you can watch at your leisure:

  • • What the Wobble Chair is all about
  • • Who should use it and why
  • • When and how to use it
  • • Billing questions related to the Wobble Chair
  • • Clinician experiences from adding to their clinic
  • • Downloadable content you can use
  • • Q&A for your questions

To register for the FREE On-Demand Webinar: CLICK HERE