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What your car and body have in common

Let’s compare a vehicle frame to a misaligned human skeleton, the spine and its malfunction.

Normally in vehicles the thrust angle is the line of the drive-line from the engine to the wheels. It also confirms if the rear axle is parallel to its front axle and that the wheelbase on Car Alignment both sides of the vehicle is the same. (See top figure.)

A misaligned thrust angle causes the vehicle to handle differently when turning one direction versus the other. (See lower figure.)

A difference in the vehicle frame angles indicates damage to the frame causing all parts of the vehicle to be affected. The vehicle is not economical or safe to operate.

A misaligned frame in the vehicle causes all parts to be adversely affected, just as a misaligned spine and posture causes all parts of the human to be adversely affected.

Applying a force called an adjustment, manipulation, etc., doesn’t correct spinal displacement-subluxations, although, like many medicines it may temporarily cause the pain to temporarily feel better.

Holistic physical rehabilitation procedures are the only procedures proven to stimulate the injured persons own neuro-muscular systems and reflexes that then cause their own muscles to pull the spine and skeletal system into its normal alignment.

Just like in the misaligned vehicle frame, which malfunctions and makes noise when operating it, the misaligned human frame also becomes sore, pops, cracks and movements cause pain, when you attempt to use it.

The inevitable pathologies caused by the uncorrected and unmaintained human frame progress to the point that they cause dysfunction and pain all the time. This is now called “chronic pain syndrome”... (continued in attached PDF)

To download the complete article with images and references, click here: What your Car & Body have in common.pdf