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Using the Cervical Posture Strap with Headweights

A patient’s posture and spinal position cannot be consciously improved or changed by being told to “stand up straight”, “stop slumping” or through regular exercise. Reflex information goes to the autonomic nervous system, automatically causing postural muscles to organize and re-organize the spine as needed to keep the head erect relative to gravity. The dynamic and static reflexes explain why spinal position and/or function cannot be permanently changed by application of external mechanical forces, (adjustments) even if such forces are well intended.

The nervous system won’t allow it.

Head Weighting is called “Summation” by Neurologists. It is effective in cervical lordosis correction. However, the use of shoulder and hip weighting in addition to head weighting is approximately 100 times more powerful than head weighting alone for correcting all spinal displacements. It’s called “Spatial Summation”. The Pettibon Weighting System™, righting reflexes, nervous system and innate organizing energy will correct the spine and posture in the living body under gravity.

The Posture Strap produces an increased resistance in the lower neck. This gives the head weight something to act against. The combined actions re-establish mobility and begin correcting the cervical lordosis that has resisted correction.

A force is not effective until it meets resistance!

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