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Ten Telephone Tactics to Turn Prospects into Patients

“Like it or not the first phone call is your potential new patient’s first entry in your office. So when all that hard work has paid off, and your ideal patient finally makes that first phone call to your office, incorporate these procedures to make sure that you turn that all important first phone call into an appointment every time.” ~ Pattie Ptak, Practice on Purpose

Patricia has written the terrific FREE download that is available through her website, We found it thought provoking and insightful. Per Sharon Freese-Pettibon, “Pattie is stellar and the BEST Chiropractic Technician around. She came to my classes and quite frankly she could have taught them.”

To get a taste of this FREE download, here is a sample of one of the ten tactics:

Great Expectations

Every time the phone rings everyone in your offices should think “New Patient”. Always be prepared for a new patient to call your office. Begin expecting it every time the phone rings and see what happens. There is a reason they do double blind experiments; they know the researcher’s expectations will affect the outcome of the subject being tested. Why not put that principle to use in your office and start expecting the results you want to get from the telephone? Try it for a month and see what happens.

To get the entire download visit Pattie’s website it is worth sharing! It has 10 easy to follow tips on turning Prospects into Patients. Here’s the link: