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Soft tissues injured by physical accidents (Part 2 - White Tissue) | PettibonSystem.com

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Soft tissues injured by physical accidents (Part 2 - White Tissue)


Spinal disks and other white tissues have a blood supply up until about the age of 12 when the blood supply begins to atrophy. Once that happens there is no longer a way to deliver nutrients and eliminate wastes without motion. The body’s mass is 60% intracellular and extracellular fluids which are rich in oxygen and nutrients and have the ability to transport and eliminate tissue cell waste when pumped into and out of white tissues by specific rehab procedures.

As we get older or post-injury, due to the increased workload, these white tissues need as much, if not more oxygen and nutrients delivered and waste eliminated. With no blood supply, a series of full-range loading and unloading, pumping maneuvers are required multiple times a day to deliver the needed oxygen and nutrients in and waste products out of white tissues.

After injury, rehabilitation procedures should start as soon as the patient can tolerate motion and increase until full, pain-free range of motion is re-established.

Rehabilitation procedures should accompany specific spinal mobilizations and eventually replace other treatment procedures as soon as practical.

Gravity causes the 23 upright spinal disks to lose 3% of their fluids daily (called “creep”), resulting in a 1 to 1-1/2 inches’ loss of a person’s height. Most but not all fluid is regained by eight hours of horizontal sleep. Over 50-70 years this “creep” causes a permanent loss of about 2 inches of a person’s height, therefore, daily restoration of disk hydration is necessary for 3-D spinal alignment, normal function and maintenance of height.

Injured white tissue heals very slowly. Pumping extracellular fluids rich in oxygen and nutrition into white tissues and waste elimination are vital to promote healing and the growth and alignment of new collagen. The new collagen must align with the ultimate load it will experience.

When spinal disks are not fully hydrated they allow spinal displacement subluxations with nerve compression and pain. When fully hydrated, the disks automatically produce a 3-D alignment of the spine and its joints and openings.

80% of white tissues’ injured strength may be regained within one year. To regain 100% strength may require up to three years of rehabilitation and must follow Davis’ Law which states that healing is complete only after the involved fibers are aligned with the strain and stress of the ultimate loads that the tissues are subjected to.

• A 41% decrease in strength and mobility within five weeks.
• Muscles atrophy with pain at approximately 1.5% per day.
• Synovial joints lose strength and size.
• Connective tissues lose strength and flexibility.
• Articular cartilage stiffens with pain.
• Tendons become shortened and stiffen with pain and dysfunction.
• Ligaments decrease in size and become weaker and susceptible to injury.
• Muscle atrophy with pain begins within 6 hours.
• Adverse vascular and neurological changes occur.
• Adhesions with scarring occurs because of uncontrolled fibroblasts.

... We highly recommend downloading the free 5-page PDF article White Tissue Injuries that includes the complete article with lots of images and references.