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Severe migraine headaches left teen bedridden missing months of high school


Matt was a seventeen year old high school senior who developed severe migraine headaches 6 months prior to being referred to Dr Stanley Henderson, DC. He had missed months of school due to the severity of his pain that left him bedridden. Matt was on 3 different migraine medications that had little effect. After 3 different specialists there had been no improvement.

The last specialist had placed him in the hospital under pain management when his parents decided to seek chiropractic treatment for him.


During his evaluation, Matt’s x-rays revealed a 7° cervical lordosis opposed to a normal 45° and his forward head posture was at 3.8cm. Within 30 days of initiating Pettibon procedures, Matt’s migraines had decreased 50% and he was no longer on medication.

At 90 days, as demonstrated in the post lateral cervical x-ray he had improved to a 29° cervical lordosis and his forward head posture has normalized. He had not experienced a migraine for 2 weeks prior to the x-ray being taken. Matt was able to finish High School with little or no symptoms and move forward with his college plans.

Thank you Dr. Henderson
Matt - California