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"...I felt like golf was being taken away from me…” | PettibonSystem.com

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"...I felt like golf was being taken away from me…”


I first learned of the doctors at Gold Coast Chiropractic Center from my wife who attended a BNI group with Dr. Lorraine. At the time, I was having horrible lower back pain, beginning in July 2015. I suffered with it for a few months, hoping it would go away but it just seemed to persist and get worse. After much agony, I finally sought help at Gold Coast. My low back condition was very limiting with difficulty walking, standing, sitting, and sleeping. I was in constant pain, everything hurt including coughing and sneezing. My symptoms were extreme with severe lower back pain with immobility, unable to do much of anything, including standing up straight.


I am extremely fortunate that my wife was so adamant about me seeking the right care and following through with corrective care (Pettibon System) that Drs Melendez recommended. I almost instantly felt better with my first adjustment and continue to get stronger as I transition from crisis care towards lifestyle care. My symptoms are gone, my life is back and my back is back!

The benefits I’ve experienced are many. I am no longer limited anymore, especially in my beloved sport, golf. I love golf and have played since I was 8 years old. When I was down, I felt like golf was being taken away from me and was likely the cause of my lower back pain. Well, the good news is I’m now able to play without the pain and I can practice without the fear that golf is to blame. This has been very positive for me and brought much personal happiness for me and my family. When I was in constant pain all day my emotional well-being was absolutely horrible. Now everything has changed for the better. I had actually given up on a lot of things, such as golf, because the stress of constant pain and fear of the future with chronic pain was almost too much to handle. I’m so thankful that the stress is gone.

I must mention my first child Nico, two years old and very active. Now that my back and spine have been restored, I’m able to keep up with him, running, jumping, chasing, etc. Exciting, every part of my life is better but this stands out in my mind. I feel like me again.

Thank you again,
Alan C. - California