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Get MORE MOTION with a Therapeutic Wobble Chair™


What is the difference between the Wobble Chair™ and an inflatable device?


The pivot point of the chair aligns with the center of the spine thus allowing full range of motion (producing loading & unloading cycles). Inflatable devices (discs, balls, etc.), do not have the same pivot point and become restricted by the buttocks.

The Affects of Wobble Chair™ Rehabilitation when used correctly:

• Produces loading & unloading cycles necessary for pumping fluids into spinal discs and other white tissues while expelling waste.
• Produces forces that are necessary for injured collagen regeneration and replacement.
• Produces forces that cause alignment of the new collagen fibers with the ultimate function they will perform.
• Assists in the oxygenation of the body.
• Massages the heart when incorporating diaphragmatic breathing.
• Prepares spinal discs and other white tissues for further full spine traction, re-hydration, rehabilitation and pain free function.

The graphic is based the result of our x-ray findings of the comparison.

Therapeutic Wobble Chairs™ are Available HERE.

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