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Cops & Donuts

How many of your local High Schools have a scholarship program for graduating seniors? Gig Harbor High School's scholarship awards program was last night. Besides the military awards that were presented upfront, there were only 2 stand-out presenters during the 2-hour warm gym (insert fanny numbing) event. The first was a local Chiropractor (see Wrapping/Singing Chiropractor) and the other was a representative from the Police Guild who used humor.

Scholarships ranged from $100-$100,000+ and the donors were given the option of whether or not they wanted to present their scholarship. Those who know the power of PR presented their scholarship and explained why this meant something to them. The magic for the two stand outs was HOW they made their presentation. Here is the second story:

The Police Sergeant

Police and donuts seem to go hand in hand as part of western culture. Yes, some may still take coffee breaks in the local donut shops, and that has been the TV persona for many years. Most scholarship presenters explained how the fund was established. This is where the magic began ... he used humor and tied in this common donut perception.

The Sergeant was the only one to come to the podium with something other than just the manila scholarship envelopes. He brought a large pink bag and set it next to the podium. He began telling the story of a donor who gave money to the police guild. The guild thought about using it for their donut fund however thought it more beneficial to establish a scholarship fund in the donor's name.

This drew a good laugh from the crowd who by this time had been sitting in the warm gym for well over an hour.

Continuing on this theme, when he presented scholarships to 3 students, the manila scholarship packet was taped to a box of Krispie Kreme Donuts! Again, laughter and applause.

Was the scholarship amount the important part? Yes to the student, however to the rest of us it showed that police CAN have a sense of humor and it was memorable. How many of us have something quirky we can tie into marketing/PR in a humorous way?

Have you ever blended Humor in marketing or PR, if so, how?