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“…constant sinus pressure and couldn’t breathe through my nose…” | PettibonSystem.com

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“…constant sinus pressure and couldn’t breathe through my nose…”


I first became aware of Drs Melendez and Gold Coast Chiropractic from a church friend and patient, Debbie D., who highly recommended I go in and get help for some chronic health issues. I had constant sinus pressure and couldn’t breathe through my nose for the longest time. My chronic sinusitis with the constant pressure and congestion was taking a toll. I tried nasal sprays, antibiotics, allergy treatments, etc., with no relief in sight.

The doctors examined my spine and took x-rays, discovering a loss of the normal curve and subluxations in my upper neck which put pressure on the nerves going to my sinuses.


Since starting corrective care I’ve experienced a complete opening of my sinuses allowing me to breathe through my nose for the first time in a long time, not to mention that I have no more constant pain in my neck, shoulders and lower back!

I am now able to work without constantly stopping to blow my nose. I can finally breathe fully which brings so much more enjoyment to everything I do.

Everyone that knows me knows that I have always had sinus problems. They see me now and are simply amazed that I can breathe through my nose without drugs and sprays. Since my new found health, my demeanor and well-being has been completely boosted to a new level, speaking and breathing clearly, reducing my stress and improving my quality of life.

Thank you,
Josh B. - California