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…I’ve been able to go off all of my medications and have not had a headache in weeks…”


I had been suffering from daily chronic migraines for many years. My mom’s coworker and friend, Carla, heard about my plight and recommended that I see Dr. Melendez for help. Carla was already a patient of the doctors, having experienced her own healing success. My parents were skeptical because I had tried another chiropractor in the past without seeing much benefit. Something had to change, even with the multiple prescription medications I had been taking over the past 5 years, I still was highly susceptible to getting headaches and still in pain. These strong meds I had been taking eventually began to lose their effect as my body adapted and acclimated to them with the pain returning.


I began corrective chiropractic care (Pettibon System) with Dr. Melendez in May, 2016 and the approach was very different. Since that time I’ve had a tremendous healing take place. In 90 days I’ve been able to go off all of my medications and have not had a headache in weeks. My neck and spine feel great as well.

The great care I have received has benefited me in many ways. At work I have been able to give my complete effort without feeling hindered and in pain. My activity level has dramatically improved without getting headaches. In the past this would have been very difficult to do without getting a headache and paying a price. I can now be in the sun at the beach for longer periods of time without the fear of getting an excruciating headache later on as well. With friends and family, I have felt more lively and more myself with my relationships improving as a result. When I do become stressed, my head is no longer stopping me from meeting the situation ‘head-on’! I have been feeling so much more personal and mental happiness in my life since starting care, I’m incredibly thankful to God and Gold Coast Chiropractic Center for all that they have done to help me.

Life is so beautiful and it’s so wonderful to experience it PAIN FREE!
Sydney S. - California