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6-Way Cervical Dorsal Stretch Strap

Postural muscles react very differently from phasic muscles; when they’re injured or fatigued, postural muscles splint and spasm, which is rarely even, either side-to-side or front-to-back. This imbalance is why the postural muscles are responsible for spinal displacement/subluxation, posture, stance and gait deformities.

The 6-Way Cervical-Dorsal Stretch exercise procedures are used in preparation for adjusting and correcting procedures, as well as in preparation for home rehabilitation exercise sessions. Hold each of the six stretches for 40 seconds. Usually the flexed spine may flex another 4 to 6 inches during the 40-second interval.

Two optional starting stretches are as follows:

1. Place the headband around the forehead with the buckle and strap to the front. Sit upright and gently pull head and spine into forward flexion. After flexing the entire spine, move the strap under one leg just above the knee and force the spine to be further stretched.

2. Now gently move the buckle and strap to the back and pull the head and spine into extension (head backward). Again moving the strap under one leg at the buttock and pull the spine further into extension.

Begin the 6 stretches on the side opposite of the one needing correction (Left or Right). Perform all three stretches on one side before performing the same stretches on the other side.

1. Place the buckle above just above the ear. Move the strap in front of the shoulder and under the leg. Sitting up tall, gently pull the head into forward-lateral flexion (toward the knee) increasing the stretching tension. Position 1 or 6 on diagram.

2. Now move the strap from in front to on the shoulder while remaining under the leg. Sitting up tall, gently pull the head toward the shoulder on the same side, increasing the stretching tension. Position 2 or 5 on diagram.

3. Now place the strap behind the shoulder and under buttock. Sitting up tall, gently pull the head into posterior-lateral flexion on the same side, increasing the stretching tension. Position 3 or 4 on diagram.

4. Move the strap to the other side of the body and repeat steps 1-3 to perform forward-lateral and posterior-lateral stretching on the other side. This last posterior-lateral stretch series should be on the side needing correction (cd angle).

To download a PDF version of this article with more images Click HERE

6-Way Stretch Straps are Available HERE.