What is Spinal Molding?


Spinal molding helps to restore the spinal curvature, optimize motion and eliminate pain. Spinal molding is a passive process of laying on the fulcrums for up to 20 minutes twice a day.

Do you have neck and back pain? It is easy to fall into poor posture with current lifestyle trends.  Muscle soreness, tightness and fatigue can be caused by poor posture. Posture can affect all aspects of a persons life. 

Gravity and poor posture are some of the factors that can compress your spinal discs causing the spine to lose its natural curvature. Normally these curves serve as pivot points that help the spine function properly. When spinal curves change, the function of the spine becomes altered. The spine’s job is to protect the spinal cord and provide structural support which maintains balance, and the ability to move. When the spine loses it curvature it becomes locked in a progressive state of tension that restricts motion and creates other problems including pain, stiffness and numbness. 

For optimal results with spinal molding, warm up the spine by using the Pettibon System Cervical Traction Device, Wobble Chair or just simple warm up exercises before laying on your fulcrums.  Warming up your spinal discs prior to spinal molding is important as it will increase the spine’s flexibility and increase the effectiveness of the fulcrums. The Fulcrums are used to hold your spine in proper curvature to restore proper alignment. The creep principle is used to creep the cervical spine back into its normal position with a long sustained force.

Mini versions of the low back support and cervical dorsal are available for beginners and smaller statured individuals. Lifters are available as well for an increased stretch for proper spinal molding posture.