The Posture Roll Set


The Firm Posture Roll Set is designed to help support the user’s cervical and lumbar spine during sleep and relaxation. The set comes with two rolls, a small and large size. The large roll is designed for the cervical spine (behind the neck) and the small roll for the lumbar spine (behind the low back). The larger cervical roll should be placed in the middle of the cervical area. The smaller lumbar roll should be placed right around the sacrum, right above the hips.

Are you noticing disturbances in your sleep throughout the night? When your spine is not in proper alignment your body has a hard time resting. When your head sinks into your pillow it can restrict your spine. Without enough support,  you may experience stiffness and pain in the neck. Your shoulders should not sink too far into into the mattress. Use the Posture Roll Set to keep your spine’s natural curvature all night long. 

The Posture Rolls hold your spine in position with a long sustained force using the creep principle.

Start with 20 minutes and increase time daily to reach a full night of sleep. If you start with a full night of sleep you will likely be sore the next day. Discontinue using the Posture Rolls if numbing and tingling occurs and try again the next day.

The lumbar roll tends to create the most discomfort, so remember that you do not have to use both rolls. If you can keep one of the rolls in place longer that is okay. The smaller roll can also be used for the cervical spine for those with smaller stature. Your spine should NOT be in an extension or traction. Your head should be placed softly on the bed.

By holding your spine in proper posture, the roll provides a curve that allows your neck and lower back to relax, remove pressure and stretch while being supported. 

Good support and proper posture helps prevent sore muscles, tightness and fatigue. Your posture affects your entire body, including your nerves, bones and muscles. Neck pain can be one of the causes of headaches and migraines as well. 

The Posture Rolls allow you to support your proper spinal curvature while resting, making it that much easier to correct or maintain good posture when you are awake. 

Prolong the life of your Posture Roll Set with the Lycra covers.