Headaches and Numbness Relief Testimonial: The Retail Clerk

Where she started:

Jane (name changed for HIPPA)  is a 51 year old female working as a retail clerk. She spends most of her shifts on her feet, bending, lifting, and performing many repetitive motions throughout the day. She decided to seek care when she started experiencing headaches 2×3 times weekly, she also started experiencing numbness in her left hand. She had experienced neck and upper back stiffness and pain for years but the new numbness and increased headaches finally encouraged her to seek care.

Jane’s in clinic care:

Jane’s doctor started her treatment with the Therapeutic Wobble Chair warm-up exercises with the Vibration Platform and Cervical Traction. Once Jane was warmed up she used the PT-5 decompression and traction table with a combination of lumbar and cervical traction. The patient followed this is in clinic care routine 3 times a week for 3 months with no manual manipulation.

Jane’s Homecare treatment:

Twice daily, Jane performed her wobble chair exercises using the Portable Wobble Chair, she also utilized her cervical traction unit and head and body weighting routine as prescribed by her doctor. She continued this treatment plan during the 3 months and continues the routine to maintain correction.


Jane’s left hand numbness was gone after the second session. Her neck and upper back pain & stiffness greatly improved after four sessions. Her headaches had greatly diminished after just 2 weeks of care and were gone after just 5 weeks. See her before and after X-ray images below.